Stovetop Smores

These stovestop smores are a great treat for the kids (and the adult kids). They don't take an army of ingredients, and you can whip them up in a jiffy.

Graham crackers
Chocolate bars, preferably dark chocolate

Follow the steps below or download the recipe here

1. Start by cracking graham crackers in half and line them up in a pan.

2. Put one large marshmallow on each cracker and start heating it up on a low flame on the stovetop. Be sure to keep an eye on it.

3. Once the marshmallows starts to melt, add a piece of chocolate on each marshmallow. Then, stack the other half of the graham cracker on top.

4. Gently flip the smores over and leave it on low heat for 3 minutes.

5. Remove smores from pan. Leave them to cool for 2 minutes before devouring them all!


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