The best crafts are the ones you can make with items that are easily accessible. For this Zen Garden, grab your kids and gather some rocks and sand. Easy peasy.

Follow the steps below or download instructions here

1. Start by getting your kids to paint the rocks they've gathered. Or you can use crayon pebbles like we've done here.

2. Meanwhile, find a tray or a plate that you want to fill with sand. Pour sand into the middle of the plate and spread it out to fill the area you'd like to work with. Use baby powder as an alternative to create a snowy themed Zen Garden.

3. Once the rocks are completely dry, arrange them on the sand any way you'd like. Form lines or shapes or position them randomly.

4. Use a fork to rake patterns in the sand for that authentic Zen Garden look.

5. You can even use toy figurines or crystals as decorations for a completely different look.


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