墨西哥 Itaparica


One of the most beautiful beaches in Brazil, an hour from Salvador da Bahia

Enjoy your passion for sports Resort. In Itaparica, amidst the tropical greenery that is home to iguanas and shimmering coloured birds, lies a Village combining African exoticism with South American exuberance. A glittering array of activities, such as sa…


  • 4-17歲分齡兒童俱樂部
  • 全天候美食饗宴
  • 吧台無限供應輕食飲品
  • 豐富水陸運動項目
  • 精彩日間及夜間娛樂活動
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The principal bar

Ideally situated along the swimming pool, with a lovely view over the beach and the sea, this bar and its large open and covered terrace, welcomes you throughout the day. In the evening, this bar livens up to the beat of a discotheque.A snack service is available during the day. A cigar box (subject to an additional charge) is also available.Only the terrace is a smoking area.

Le Cabana bar

Backing on to the Brazilian speciality restaurant, this friendly bar is the perfect meeting point before or after dinner.

The principal restaurant

In the centre of the Village, this colourful restaurant invites you to enjoy international dishes with your friends served in buffet style. Its opening on to the outside allows you to enjoy the luxurious plantings of the gardens. Our staff also make a daily selection of dishes suitable for a low-fat diet.A baby-corner allows parents to prepare meals for their little ones.This is a smoking area.

La Cabana

Built in the open air, near the tennis courts and in the heart of the coconut grove, this restaurant will appeal to you with its warm atmosphere. On the menu are Brazilian specialities.This is a smoking area.

Let the vibrant Bahia atmosphere wash over you

334 bungalows are nestled in the shade of a magnificent coconut grove, they are located along a river which runs through the resort. They are in Brazilian architectural style which integrates seamlessly into the Samba atmosphere, spread out over 10 differ…

  • 標準房
  • 標準房
  • 標準房
  • 標準房
  • 標準房


Brazil in brief :

  • Surface area: 8,514,876 sq km
  • Capital: Brasilia
  • Official language: Portuguese
  • Currency: the Real.

Make the most of your stay at Itaparica to discover the natural beauty and fascinating culture of the region.
Towns located nearby:

  • Bom Despacho is 12 km from Club Med.
    Travel time: a 15-minute drive.
  • Mar Grande is 13 km from Club Med.
    Mar Grande is buzzing with activity both day and night. The town centre is very pleasant, and there is a good beach where you can enjoy a swim.
    Travel time: a 15-minute drive.
  • Itaparica is 18 km from Club Med.
    The capital of the state of Bahia is located in a beautiful, sheltered bay. This unique town has a very lively upper quarter, while the lower quarter is the business and commercial sector.
    Don't miss : the ruins of the 3rd church ever built in Brazil, dating from the 16th century, the fountain of youth, the fort of São Lourenço and Itaparica's historic town centre.
    Travel time: a 20-minute drive.
  • Morro de São Paulo
    Don't miss : The fortress bui1t in 1830 .
    Deserted beaches with natural pools and sandbacks at low tide.
  • Salvador is 60 km from Club Med.
    The capital of the state of Bahia is located at the edge of a beautiful bay nestled inland. This city, unique in Brazil, is made up of the upper town, where there is a great popular fervor and the lower city, bringing together the business district and shops. Beautiful beaches also stretch all along the south coast of the city.
    Don't miss : Churches of Bonfim and Saint Francis of Assisi, the Fort of Mont Serrat, the Barra lighthouse and its famous beach. Pelourinho, an old area of the city that boasts remains of its colonial past.
    Travel time: 1 and a half hours by road and ferry.

Vaccinations and medical treatment:
It is your responsibility to check all the necessary formalities before departure.

Vaccinations recommended:
Hepatitis A and B

The Resort has a resident nurse.

Vaccination against yellow fever (in an approved centre) is compulsory in the Amazon region only, even if there is no official obligation.

Mosquitos can transmit certain viral or parastic diseases, so the use of tropical mosquito repellents for the skin and clothing is recommended.

Risk of the most dangerous form of malaria (falciparum) means that serious prevention is necessary (chemoprophylaxis and mosquito repellents). This risk concerns the Amazon region only.

墨西哥 Itaparica

Enjoy your passion for sports Resort. In Itaparica, amidst the tropical greenery that is home to iguanas and shimmering coloured birds, lies a Village combining African exoticism with South American exuberance. A glittering array of activities, such as sailing, tennis and golf, await your days on this island, which is just an hour's boat ride away from Salvador de Bahia in the North East of Brazil. In the evenings, the fine sandy beach is the ideal place for throwing yourself into the wild rhythms of the samba or listening to a Bahian percussion group, before wandering back to one of the comfortable bungalows dotted through the coconut grove.

  • Windsurfing, sailing, flying trapeze
  • Situated on a charming island off Salvador de Bahia
  • Living to the sound of the samba and the Bahia drums
  • Great games of tennis on one of the Resort's 8 courts, or fun on the flying trapeze

Mini Club Med: creativity and energy for 4 to 10 years - Juniors' Club Med: independence and party spirit for 11 to 17 years.

From 4 to 10 years, the children have a thirst for everything, Mini Club Med has planned everything to meet these needs.

Juniors' Club Med is a way for young people from 11 to 17 years to meet friends, take part in their favourite activities and join in the Club Med Village life.


兒童俱樂部 (4-10歲)


6 days out of 7


青少年俱樂部 (11-17歲)

青少年可以根據興趣選擇多元運動或文化探索項目。 這裡您的孩子可以認識其他同年齡的朋友,並在專業G.O的帶領下一起體驗各式活動。

6 days out of 7


從 (min) 至 (max)

  • *需額外付費

To enjoy a moment of total freedom, take advantage of the babysitting service (subject to availability).
For information: we provide a list of babysitting services on request. Club Med provides the contact but has no responsibility for the service.

Club Med Baby Welcome

至 (max)

  • 已包含在費用中

This service, which can be booked in advance and involves no extra cost, is designed to make your holiday easier. Find baby and toddler equipment (0 to 23 months) already laid out in your room, borrow a replacement pushchair and take advantage of the savoury and sweet baby food pots provided. You and your little one can take a deep breath and relax.


  • 已包含在費用中

This Baby Zone, in the Village's main restaurant, offers a special service for babies, with sweet and savoury baby foods and all the equipment for preparing your baby's meals.

Baby food equipment

至 (max)

  • 已包含在費用中

Open 24/24, it provides all the utensils necessary for preparing meals: mixer, sterilizer (provided only on request), microwave, fridge, bottle warmer (systematically provided in the room for the G.M.® who have reserved a Baby Club Med® or Club Med Baby Welcome® service), and additional products such as mineral water, fruits, full-fat and semi-skimmed long-life milk (baby formula milk not provided).


  • 已包含在費用中

The playgrounds independent of the supervised structures for children are accessible to children accompanied by their parents.

Little Soccer

從 (min) 至 (max)

  • 已包含在費用中

A half hour lesson with equipment, facilities and method devised specifically for children.

Petit Tennis

從 (min) 至 (max)

  • 已包含在費用中

The next generation of tennis players are ready to discover the joys of racquet sports. They learn through play, picking up the basics as they enjoy a range of imaginative games. Their serve, forehand and backhand will be Wimbledon-worthy in no time with this playful approach.

Petit Circus

從 (min) 至 (max)

  • 已包含在費用中

All the fun of the big top! Your children can discover the circus arts at Mini Club Med. Budding acrobats can try activities such as juggling, trampolining and diabolo. Once they've mastered their act, they'll take to the stage to demonstrate their talents as part of a show.
Activities vary between Resorts.

Petit Chef Program

  • 已包含在費用中

Your children are getting creative in the kitchen. With Petit Club Med and Mini Club Med, they learn about local cuisine and help make some tasty treats. And the cherry on the cake? You can come and try what they've made.


世界上最大的運動學校就在Club Med!


With energy points stimulated, and body and mind perfectly relaxed, slip into a realm of total wellness and relaxation.
Discover a world of total relaxation and enjoy the pleasures of wellness and beauty treatments.






房間類型視供應情況而定。 價格並非即時更新,48小時系統將更新一次。

*此價格不適用於團體(20成人以上)。 團體報價諮詢,請致電我們的熱線+886-2-25116611 #258/260


*at extra cost