葡萄牙 Da Balaia


Mum relaxes, Dad hits the links, kids make memories for a lifetime.

Feel renewed Resort.Da Balaia stands on an ochre cliff in southern Portugal, overlooking a magnificent white sand beach and giving you direct access to the Atlantic. Caressed by the sea breeze, the Resort allies sports and well-being. It's a world to unwi…


  • 4-17歲分齡兒童俱樂部
  • 全天候美食饗宴
  • 吧台無限供應輕食飲品
  • 豐富水陸運動項目
  • 精彩日間及夜間娛樂活動
  • 了解更多

The piano bar

This piano bar welcomes you, in an intimate atmosphere, in the early evenings to enjoy the highlights of your day as a couple or with friends.

The swimming pool bar

Open all day, this bar, with its welcoming décor, is located in the heart of the Village near the swimming pool.Snack service during the day.

The Quiet Pool Bar

This bar is reserved for adults, so you can relax in peace and comfort round the quiet pool, with friends or partner,

The bar will open on April 1st.

Le Balaïa

View over the ocean and the swimming pool from the terrace of this main restaurant. Breakfast, lunch and dinner from international buffets.A baby-corner is available for parents to prepare meals for their little ones.

Le Vasco de Gamma

A restaurant with a cosy lounge atmosphere to discover and share as a couple or with friends. A menu based on seafood carte will be presented.This restaurant welcomes you for a late lunch, on your return from an excursion or after a round of golf. In the evenings, bookings only, at Reception. Waiter service. This is a non-smoking area.

Treat yourself to a magical break in the Algarve

The Club Med Village of Da Balaia has 372 rooms divided between 3 hotels connected by glass passages. The La Tour hotel is on 8 floors and faces the pool. The Pyramide hotel is a 4-floor building with 2-floor wings, near the tennis courts. The Golf hotel…

  • 標準房
  • 標準房
  • 標準房
  • 標準房
  • 標準房
  • 標準房
  • 標準房
  • 標準房


阿爾加威(Algarve)是葡萄牙南部一省,臨大西洋。這個地區是相當著名的觀光景點:曲折美麗海岸、優美紅色沙灘或紅岩絕崖,屏障白沙清水流。這個地區佈滿無數高爾夫球場。阿拉伯及伊伯利亞傳統相互交流匯萃於這個地區,並發揚彰顯於此區的數個城鎮,像是: 奧良(Olhao)和阿爾布菲拉(Albufeira)即為其中之二

Vaccinations, treatment against diseases...
You must check the formalities to be carried out before you leave.

Recommended vaccinations:
Hepatitis A and B

葡萄牙 Da Balaia

Feel renewed Resort.Da Balaia stands on an ochre cliff in southern Portugal, overlooking a magnificent white sand beach and giving you direct access to the Atlantic. Caressed by the sea breeze, the Resort allies sports and well-being. It's a world to unwind in, naturally perfumed by the woody scents of parasol pines, olive trees and eucalyptus. The local flavours of the fully refurbished Table Coup de Coeur restaurant are a treat for the tastebuds, and the pure lines of the renovated poolside bar add to the sense of simple pleasure. This is a Resort where families, golfers and Spa* lovers can switch off in total harmony.

  • Refurbished Resort in the heart of a 21-hectare site overlooking the sea
  • Relaxing atmosphere with massages and treatments at Club Med Spa*
  • Golf outside the Resort: group classes for all levels, special tuition* and lush course
  • Children's clubs* and dedicated spaces for children from 4 months to 3 years
  • Enjoying the wonderful nature and culture of the Algarve thanks to our excursions

Now toddlers have also got their own warm welcome. The Club Med Baby Welcome® has got everything covered, from childcare facilities in the rooms to special meals for children. During the day, whether at Baby Club Med® or Petit Club Med®, children have all the hugs and fun they need with their own special activities and play areas.


寶寶俱樂部®* (4-23個月)

Club Med依照寶寶的生理時鐘設計了一系列室內與戶外活動,通過體能鍛鍊及早教課程,訓練寶寶的肢體協調性,並增強寶寶對聲音、顏色、形狀及材質的認知能力。


幼兒俱樂部®* (2-3 歲)



兒童俱樂部 (4-10歲)



青少年俱樂部 (11-17歲)

青少年可以根據興趣選擇多元運動或文化探索項目。 這裡您的孩子可以認識其他同年齡的朋友,並在專業G.O的帶領下一起體驗各式活動。

6 days out of 7


從 (min) 至 (max)

  • *需額外付費

To enjoy a moment of total freedom, take advantage of the babysitting service (subject to availability).
For information: we provide a list of babysitting services on request. Club Med provides the contact but has no responsibility for the service.

Club Med Baby Welcome

至 (max)

  • 已包含在費用中

This service, which can be booked in advance and involves no extra cost, is designed to make your holiday easier. Find baby and toddler equipment (0 to 23 months) already laid out in your room, borrow a replacement pushchair and take advantage of the savoury and sweet baby food pots provided. You and your little one can take a deep breath and relax.

Pyjamas Club

從 (min) 至 (max)

  • *需額外付費

Want to spend an evening as a couple? With this group childcare service, you can leave your child in the capable hands of experienced G.Os. They will look after and entertain your little ones in a dedicated space designed for children's comfort and well-being.

Baby Restaurant

從 (min) 至 (max)

  • 已包含在費用中

Adapted to the nutritional needs of children, the meals are created by a team of specialist chefs of the Baby Restaurant.

TO BE ADDED depending on the Resort:
For Baby Club Med and Petit Club Med (TO TAILORMAKE), the G.O.® take on the entire responsibility of lunch but parents can share this time with their children if they wish.


從 (min) 至 (max)

  • 已包含在費用中

This Baby Zone in the Resort's main restaurant proposes meals for babies, with sweet and savoury bottled baby foods and other special baby foods: meat, fish, vegetables, soups, etc. Equipped with all the utensils necessary for preparing baby foods: microwave, bottle warmer, mixer etc.

Babies' highchairs also available.

Baby feeding room

至 (max)

  • 已包含在費用中

Open 24 hours a day, it provides all the utensils necessary for preparing meals: mixer, steriliser (provided only on request), microwave, fridge, bottle warmer (systematically provided in the room for the G.Ms® who have reserved a Baby Club Med® or Club Med Baby Welcome® service) and additional products such as mineral water, fruit, full-fat and semi-skimmed long-life milk (baby formula milk not provided).


  • 已包含在費用中

The playgrounds, which are separate from the supervised children's facilities, are accessible to young children accompanied by their parents.

Happy Gym

從 (min) 至 (max)

  • 已包含在費用中

Climb, crawl, slide !
Children will work on their suppleness through this fun early-learning games circuit, specially designed for them.

Early learning

從 (min) 至 (max)

  • 已包含在費用中

Children can learn using educational toys and sensory activities like painting and music games. Each child develops and grows at their own pace.


從 (min) 至 (max)

  • 已包含在費用中

A walk is a chance to get lots of fresh air, and to fall in love with the hidden wonders of nature. Your children will love playing explorers with their friends.

Creative workshops

從 (min) 至 (max)

  • 已包含在費用中

Sensory activities for tiny tots, and colouring or hands-on activities for older children.

Show time

從 (min) 至 (max)

  • 已包含在費用中

Enter stage left: it's time to create and rehearse their own show. Fun with friends is a great way to develop new talents.

Fun outings

從 (min) 至 (max)

  • 已包含在費用中

4 to 10 year olds love to play explorers. Alongside other young adventurers, they follow their guide* on themed walks in the great outdoors. Step by step, at their own pace, they have fun discovering nature's secrets.

*Activity provided by the Compagnie des Guides

Family "Big Snack"

  • 已包含在費用中

Snacks, pancake parties, baking workshops or picnics: these tasty activities* are a great way to savour time as a family. Treat yourself with your nearest and dearest. What's on the menu? Great food, of course, plus extra helpings of laughter, happiness and fun.

*Activities vary between Resorts

My Club Med app

  • 已包含在費用中

Browse personalised suggestions, choose activities with one click, or find all the information you need about your Resort. Our app is easy to use, so you can focus on something much more important: having a great holiday with your family or friends!
Want to access your booking?
Use your booking number (found on your purchase agreement email) or sign in to your Client Account.

Family tournaments & games

  • 已包含在費用中

Puzzles, sports tournaments, treasure hunts, sand castle competitions and skill and logic games. Playing together brings you closer. Team up with your children and compete against other families. Enjoy time with your nearest and dearest.
Activities vary between Resorts

Family show time

  • 已包含在費用中

Sit back and enjoy the show: your children at Petit Club Med, Mini Club Med, Junior Club Med and Club Med Passworld are about to take to the stage. Depending on the Resort, there might be dancing, singing, circus acts and more. Your little ones take centre stage, costumed and directed by their G.Os. When the crowd applauds, you can feel the pride in the room.


世界上最大的運動學校就在Club Med!


The best treatments and massage techniques from around the world.
CINQ MONDES invites you to a journey of discovery, quite simply the best beauty rituals in the world.






房間類型視供應情況而定。 價格並非即時更新,48小時系統將更新一次。

*此價格不適用於團體(20成人以上)。 團體報價諮詢,請致電我們的熱線+886-2-25116611 #258/260


*at extra cost