Follow in Ulysses' footsteps to your picturesque Greek bungalow stay

Enjoy your passion for sports Resort. Amidst the blue waters of the Aegean, the cape of Gregolimano on the island of Evia points its nose of white sand defiantly at the mountains across the water. From the hotel to the bungalows in the pine wood, this Clu…


  • 4-17歲分齡兒童俱樂部
  • 全天候美食饗宴
  • 吧台無限供應輕食飲品
  • 豐富水陸運動項目
  • 精彩日間及夜間娛樂活動
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Bar Aphrodite

In the heart of the pine forest, surrounded by large terraces overlooking the bay, this bar takes on a new face. In the evening, its new dance floor, open to the outside, allows everyone to enjoy the Greek climate, while taking advantage of the cocktail menu in a relaxed atmosphere. A lounge, enclosed by curtains and sofas outside offers a spectacular view over the swimming pool and the sea.

Le Panorama

In the hotel area, this entirely renovated and redecorated restaurant offers dinner with a selection of Greek specialities. This restaurant also welcomes you for late breakfasts. In the evenings, on reservation only, at Reception. Waiter service. The terrace is a smoking area.

Les Pleiades

The new decoration of this restaurant plays on a combination of styles between inside and out. On the terrace, in the shade of a pergola or in the refined interior, discover an international cuisine presented in buffet form.An exceptional location, in the shade of the pine woods right down to the sea...The terrace is a smoking area.

Revel in the beauty of a unique Mediterranean landscape

382 rooms divided between bungalows, the hotel and the Olympe which group together huts of two or three floors.

  • 標準房
  • 標準房
  • 標準房
  • 標準房
  • 標準房
  • 標準房
  • 標準房
  • 標準房
  • 標準房
  • 標準房


From the beginning of June to mid-September, summers in Greece is particularly dry, sunny and hot. Ideal season for bathing in sea and sunbathing. However, at Athens, the periods without wind can be unpleasant while the Meltem blows hard at the Aegean Sea from July to September and makes the sea dangerous.

Vaccinations, preventative treatments against diseases...
It is essential that you check the required procedure before your departure.

Recommended vaccinations:
Hepatitis A and B


Enjoy your passion for sports Resort. Amidst the blue waters of the Aegean, the cape of Gregolimano on the island of Evia points its nose of white sand defiantly at the mountains across the water. From the hotel to the bungalows in the pine wood, this Club Med Resort reveals its secrets through a succession of porches, floral paths and charming patios in a joyous labyrinth of dazzling white. In this setting, the pleasures of waterskiing and tennis can be enjoyed at a high level. Between training sessions, parents and their children can get together around the swimming pool and poolside bar to tell each other about the exploits of the day.

  • Club Med® Champions Academy: waterskiing and circus (from 8 years)
  • Exceptional site: white sandy beach on the shores of the Aegean
  • Now 4 Tridents for this completely renovated Resort
  • Your children discovering the Greek gods at Mini Club Med®
  • Following in the footsteps of Ulysses, when you visit Athens**, Delphi** or Meteora** ** UNESCO World Heritage Site

Mini Club Med: creativity and energy for 4 to 10 years - Juniors' Club Med: independence and party spirit for 11 to 17 years.

From 4 to 10 years, the children have a thirst for everything, Mini Club Med has planned everything to meet these needs.

Juniors' Club Med is a way for young people from 11 to 17 years to meet friends, take part in their favourite activities and join in the Club Med Village life.


兒童俱樂部 (4-10歲)



Junior Club Med

The temperature here is perfect for active fun on land and sea, so 11-13 year olds can enjoy an action-packed holiday. 14-17 year olds can work on their skills playing team sports, or chat by the poolside. At Junior Club Med, teenagers are grouped by age to ensure the excitement and challenge fits them perfectly. In the shade of the trees, flying through the air or skimming over the water, they’ll try a range of new experiences with their G.O®s to support them.

6 days out of 7


從 (min) 至 (max)

  • *需額外付費

To enjoy a moment of total freedom, take advantage of the babysitting service (subject to availability).
For information: we provide a list of babysitting services on request. Club Med provides the contact but has no responsibility for the service.

Baby corner

  • 已包含在費用中

In the Agung restaurant, a baby corner is available with baby pot, microwave, bottle warmer, sterilizer, plastic cutlery and plates


  • 已包含在費用中

The playgrounds independent of the supervised structures for children are accessible to children accompanied by their parents.

Show time

從 (min) 至 (max)

  • 已包含在費用中

Enter stage left: it's time to create and rehearse their own show. Fun with friends is a great way to develop new talents.

Little Tennis

從 (min) 至 (max)

  • 已包含在費用中

Through role play, children get to learn tennis the fun way, from Mini Club Med®*.

Fun outings

從 (min) 至 (max)

  • 已包含在費用中

4 to 10 year olds love to play explorers. Alongside other young adventurers, they follow their guide* on themed walks in the great outdoors. Step by step, at their own pace, they have fun discovering nature's secrets.

*Activity provided by the Compagnie des Guides

Nature and discovery activities for children at Mini Club Med®

從 (min) 至 (max)

  • 已包含在費用中

In the majority of our Mini Club Med®s, their G.O®s introduce your children to the joys of nature, encouraging them to explore and become nature experts! They take part in fun and artistic activities to help them understand the problem of pollution in the environment. Another opportunity for them to discover the world around them!

Little Waterskiing

從 (min) 至 (max)

  • 已包含在費用中

Proposed for children at Mini Club Med®. Your children discover the joys of waterskiing in total safety, with specially designed equipment, acccompanied by G.O®s trained in their discipline.

Little Circus

從 (min) 至 (max)

  • 已包含在費用中

Circus workshops for children at Mini Club Med®, to discover the joys of the circus in small groups, with G.O®s trained in their discipline. The children take part in a show, where they can demonstrate what they have learnt.

Mini Football

從 (min)

  • 已包含在費用中

Players of all ages have great fun with improvised matches on this synthetic court, close to the tennis courts, where the only prizes going are for good spirits!

My Club Med app

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Browse personalised suggestions, choose activities with one click, or find all the information you need about your Resort. Our app is easy to use, so you can focus on something much more important: having a great holiday with your family or friends!
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世界上最大的運動學校就在Club Med!






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*at extra cost