Opio en Provence


Be serenaded by the cicada, in a 46-hectare expanse of Provençal paradise

The rooms are decorated in warm earthy tones, and the Provençal-style architecture is laid out in a perfect setting of narrow streets and shady squares. This is both a family and sports-oriented Club Med Resort, with its 9-hole golf course*, three swimmin…


  • 4-17歲分齡兒童俱樂部
  • 全天候美食饗宴
  • 吧台無限供應輕食飲品
  • 豐富水陸運動項目
  • 精彩日間及夜間娛樂活動
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La Croisette

Ideally situated in the heart of the Resort close to the main swimming pool, enjoy this bar's modern setting to recharge your batteries during the day and relax in the evening with family or friends.

Bar du Loup

This bar welcomes you around the pool in the day and evening. Admire the Provençal countryside from its panoramic terrace. In the evening, there's a more intimate, lounge atmosphere. Cigar humido( at extra cost)

Golf club bar

Inside the golf club restaurant, this bar is open all day long.

The Mistral

The nightclub bar.

Le Provence

This restaurant invites you to discover a selection of international dishes. With family and friends, enjoy all your meals on the large panoramic terrace (with covered and open areas). There is a Baby corner where parents can prepare meals for their little ones.


Just next door to the "Provence", this restaurant is open for lunch and dinner.Parents can prepare meals for their babies in the Baby corner.

Le Golf

With its shady terrace and magnificent view over the olive grove, this restaurant focuses on the art and love of Provence, with buffet from 11.30 am to 11 pm (times given as an indication) and waiter service in the evening.
You'll also find:
A grocery corner with local produce
A wine cellar with a selection of Provençal wines

at extra cost

Live the Mediterranean Provençal lifestyle

435 rooms all located in traditional Provencal-style bungalows, from 2 to 4 floors with no lift, in 46 hectares of grounds with pine trees, evergreen oak and olive trees. The bungalows are grouped together in 10 separate "bastide" areas.

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表面積: 632,834平方公里
首都: 巴黎


Opio en Provence

The rooms are decorated in warm earthy tones, and the Provençal-style architecture is laid out in a perfect setting of narrow streets and shady squares. This is both a family and sports-oriented Club Med Resort, with its 9-hole golf course, three swimming pools and tennis courts. It also places great value on peace and harmony, with its Cub Med Spa by CARITA, a paradise for the senses in this charming village in Provence.
(* at extra cost)

  • Choosing between the buzzing heart of the Resort and the tranquility of the olive grove
  • Discover the first Club Med space dedicated to the circus arts, inspired by the famous Cirque du Soleil.
  • Perfecting your service on the tennis court , thanks to the personal tips of our experts
  • In addition to our golf lessons, enjoying intensive tuitionor a green fee package on one of the nearby courses
  • Chilling at Club Med Spa by CARITA
  • Discover "Club Med Play" App, the first digital treasure hunt to discover the natural and cultural heritage of the Resort.


4 至 10 歲的兒童經常勇於嘗試新奇事物。Club Med兒童俱樂部,規劃包羅萬象,絕對滿足他們無窮精力與探索一切的好奇心

Club Med 經典青少年俱樂部,提供另一種方式,讓青少年們與朋友相聚、參與他們最喜愛的活動,並加入 Club Med 度假村生活。


寶寶俱樂部® (4-23個月)

Club Med依照寶寶的生理時鐘設計了一系列室內與戶外活動,通過體能鍛鍊及早教課程,訓練寶寶的肢體協調性,並增強寶寶對聲音、顏色、形狀及材質的認知能力。


幼兒俱樂部®* (2-3 歲)

專業的G.O們為2-3歲的孩子規劃了專屬的日間及夜間活動,並設計最符合孩子成長發育所需的營養菜單,讓小小孩們也擁有獨一無二的Club Med歡樂假期時光。


Mini Club Med

Each age range has a selection of activities tailored just for them. From 4 years and up, children can try a range of land sports. They'll hone their artistic talents in creative workshops, and invite you to join them for fun team games. From 6 years and up, they're ready to try archery and some water sports. And once they reach 8, a whole new raft of specially designed activities is available to tempt them, both on and off the water


青少年俱樂部® (11 至 17 歲)

Club Med的經典青少年俱樂部,以年齡區分為2組. 青少年喜愛自主和派對, 青少年俱樂部提供所有可能,但什麼都不絕對,青少年推崇俱樂部自由和獨特性的精神.Club Med 青少年俱樂部讓他們在這裡結識朋友,參與他們喜愛的活動,並加入Club Med度假村生活 .

6 days out of 7


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  • *需額外付費


Club Med Baby Welcome

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This service, which can be booked in advance and involves no extra cost, is designed to make your holiday easier. Find baby and toddler equipment (0 to 23 months) already laid out in your room, borrow a replacement pushchair and take advantage of the savoury and sweet baby food pots provided. You and your little one can take a deep breath and relax.


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順應兒童的營養需求,由寶寶餐廳的專業主廚團隊規劃菜單. 在寶寶餐廳,午餐時間由G.O全程負責照顧,但父母也可以選擇寶寶共度午餐時光


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Baby food equipment

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Happy Gym

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Climb, crawl, slide !
Children will work on their suppleness through this fun early-learning games circuit, specially designed for them.

Fun outings

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4 to 10 year olds love to play explorers. Alongside other young adventurers, they follow their guide* on themed walks in the great outdoors. Step by step, at their own pace, they have fun discovering nature's secrets.

*Activity provided by the Compagnie des Guides

Nature and discovery activities for children at Mini Club Med®

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In the majority of our Mini Club Med®s, their G.O®s introduce your children to the joys of nature, encouraging them to explore and become nature experts! They take part in fun and artistic activities to help them understand the problem of pollution in the environment. Another opportunity for them to discover the world around them!

Teen Spa

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  • *需額外付費

Aesthetic treatments only (manicure and pedicure).


世界上最大的運動學校就在Club Med!







*at extra cost