Columbus Isle

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Columbus Isle

Columbus Isle


A paradise island in the Bahamas with fabulous und…

It is on this authentic island, where the vivid blue waters
of the Caribbean lap the long white sand beaches, that
Christopher Columbus set foot over 500 years ago. Columbus Isle,
nowadays known as San Salvador Island, is now a precious nugget
on the Bahamas archipelago, one dedicated to the conquest of new
pleasures - exploring underwater treasures, gliding over the crystalclear waters of the bay, divine massages* by the sea
All this, and much more, awaits you in this Club Med Resort, nestling around
Bonefish Bay, decorated with objets d’art from around the world.


  • 全天候美食饗宴
  • 吧台無限供應輕食飲品
  • 精彩日間及夜間娛樂活動
  • 豐富水陸運動項目
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What's included in your stay

  • Children Clubs 11-17 y/o
  • Full-board Gourmet Cuisine
  • Bar & Snacking
  • Sports & Activities
  • Day & Night Entertainment

*at extra cost