Djerba La Douce


Djerba La Douce

Let the island of golden sands surprise you


The Club Med Village of Djerba La Douce has 458 rooms on the sea shore. Rooms are divided between two hotels (Aziza and Calypso) and bungalows (Menzel). The Aziza hotel is a two-storey building without a lift in the centre of the Club Med Village, on the beach, close to the restaurant and all activities. The Calypso hotel is a two-storey building on a mezzanine, without a lift. It is located in a tranquil setting, away from the centre of the Village, and it has a restaurant and swimming pool. The triple rooms are located on the mezzanine, with singles on the top floor, and others on the ground floor and the second floor. The bungalows are traditional one-storey buildings on the island of Djerba grouped around patios. All rooms have a terrace.